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When I was 16, I had a fake I.D. and decided to go to a gay bar by myself because some friends bailed on me. While there, an older gentleman bought me a drink. He wasn’t a creeper, and he definitely wasn’t unattractive. I accepted the drink and began talking to him. No big deal. As the hour progressed, I felt myself feeling strange. I mentioned that I felt like I had a headache, and this guy helped guide me out of the bar. As we were walking down the street, the thought of, ‘Oh god, he’s drugged me, I’m going to die’ came to my head. I tried to get away, but I was so drugged up that I could barely walk, let alone speak. It also didn’t help that I had really large ‘goth’ platform shoes because I was going through a phase. Anyway, this guy brought me to his suv and began undressing me. As a final act of defiance, I hit him over the head with my platform shoe. He then punched me, and I remember thinking, ‘Why don’t they ever give workshops to gay guys about being victims of rape too?’ While I was as careful as possible, I never saw the guy slip something in the drink. I even watched the bar tender make the drink. Anyway, I lied there completely paralyzed while this pervert was lubing up. I locked eyes with his for a moment, and that’s when it happened. A very large and angry drag queen opened the door of the vehicle and beat the shit out of my attempted rapist. She and her other drag friends helped dress and care for me while the police arrived. I was saved by a group of guardian drag queens. They were basically the modern day ‘angels from heaven.’











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"biphobia isn’t real"

yeah sorry I couldn’t hear you over the hour long rant my friends mom once delivered about how she really supported gay rights but couldn’t stand bi people while i sat in the backseat of her car nearly in tears because the parent of someone I loved was throwing hate speech at me.

yeah I can’t hear you over the minimal representation  I receive in television which is usually just a sassy assistant making a remark about her “lesbian phase” and how in one of the most progressive queer shows that’s ever received critical acclaim the words ‘bi or pan’ are never used once.

yeah I can’t hear you over my ex calling me a slut after finding out I was bi and saying all I am is an indecisive whore.

i can’t fucking hear you over mono queer people mocking me and jeering at my desire for representation, calling me ‘not queer enough’, and ‘laughing hollowly’ over my attempts to explain my struggles as a bisexual woman.

yeah im sorry i can’t hear you over my friends long rant about how she didn’t think she could keep dating her bi boyfriend because he would probably cheat on her, and her eye rolls when i told her what she was saying was offensive.

sorry i couldn’t hear you over how fucking wrong and ignorant you are.


How to be Daniel Radcliffe
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Yuna Kim was robbed of her gold medal:


  • Russia had a home advantage
  • Sotnikova’s Previous Scores
    175.98 at World Champions (March 2013)
    173.30 at Grand Prix Final (December 2013)
    224.59 at Sochi Winter Olympics (February 2014)
    Although the Russian skater is absolutely wonderful at what she does, it is physically impossible to improve/gain 51.29 points in a mere 2-month time period (click "here" for the link of her scores)
  • Sotnikova stumbled on her freestyle. Kim never did. Although Adelina MAY have had a “more difficult” routine than Yuna, Yuna’s executions were clearly superior. (the gif below is of Sotnikova stumbling)
  • To those who think Adelina deserved gold: How would you explain the fact that Adelina got higher marks than Asada Mao, who landed EIGHT triple jumples (including a triple axel)? It is a skill only a minority of skaters can even execute and is thus meant to be marked very highly as a result. What? Are you saying that Adelina had higher technical components than Yuna? Then explain how Asada got 144 points (with clean jumps) and Sotnikova got 149 points (with NOT clean jumps). Please. Fact: Sotnikova was inflated. Yuna Kim and Asada Mao were underscored. (thanks to @h-eunah for the info)
  • Sotnikova’s score for Sochi was just below that of Yuna’s legendary Vancouver performance. No matter how “amazing” Adelina’s performance may have been, it was not good enough to nearly match the score of Yuna’s record-setting performance. This proves that the scoring was rigged. THIS VIDEO proves just that. It is a comparison of Yuna Kim’s 2010 Vancouver Olympic jump and Adelina Sotnikova’s 2014 Sochi Olympic jump. You be the judge. Do they really compare?
  • 'The practice of sport is a human right.' Everyone should be able to play sport 'without discrimination of any kind and in the Olympic spirit, which requires mutual understanding with a spirit of friendship, solidarity and fair play.' - The Olympic Charter, established by de Coubertin. Regardless of anyone's nationality, the Olympics is about fair sportsmanship. The judges of Sochi 2014 Ladies' Figure Skating were not very mature as they gave into national/racial bias. 
  • One judge gave Yuna Kim a “0” on her Short Program. Look for yourself (click HERE)image
  • American skating insiders are questioning the Sochi judges: “Judges from the United States and South Korea, as well as two other Western judges, were not chosen by draw to work the women’s long program after being on the women’s short program panel the night before. Two of their replacements were Ukrainian Yuri Balkov, who was kicked out of judging for a year after being tape-recorded trying to fix the Nagano ice dancing competition by a Canadian judge, and Alla Shekhovtseva, a Russian judge who is married to the Russian federation’s president. Other Eastern Europeans were on the panel as well.” (click "here" for the link)
  • Opinion: Considering the fact that Yuna Kim took a TWO YEAR break from competitive skating since her 2010 Olympics, I think she did a hell of a job. She maintained her perfection. 
  • Strongly recommended article to read from The Wire. Please click "here." 
  1. ESPN Official Website News Article titled “Home Cooking”, “Home-Ice Advantage” image
  2. NBC Olympics (twitter account) hints that they, too, are questioning the result image
  3. Olympics Researcher at NBC, Alex Goldberger tweeted, “Adelina Sotnikova was excellent tonight, but Kim Yuna was robbed.” image
  4. CBC Commentary: “That’s a shock…Did you see that coming” (of Sotnikova winning) ”Well I think I saw a medal coming, I’m just not sure we thought it was going to be that one” ”As caught up in the moment as I was… I’m still stuck on quality of skating that Yuna Kim has, and the moments where you see jarring images during Sotnikova that she’s not ready yet …The judges have their job and I really look forward to looking at it again so I can see it with fresh eyes but yes I am sitting here a little stunned”
  5. Bil Plaschke (LA Sports Columnist) tweeted: imagenote the words “leader…perfect…didn’t win… unbelievable… scandal… wrong… nearly perfect”
  6. New York Times: “Comparing the Jumps of Sotnikova and Yu-na” included rating of Sotnikova’s Triple Flip and Double axel as “Poor” in the free program and Yu-na’s ratings consisted of “Good” only
  7. Kurt Browning (A four-time world champion who commented for the Canadian television) mentioned in the NY Times Article: ‘“I don’t know, guys,” Browning said, just a few minutes after being oh-so-sure that Kim Yu-na was the winner of the women’s figure skating competition at the Sochi Olympics, and that she easily had beaten Russia’s Adelina Sotnikova. “I just couldn’t see how Yu-na and Sotnikova were so close in the components,” he said. “I was shocked. What, suddenly, she just became a better skater overnight? I don’t know what happened. I’m still trying to figure it out.” Browning and two of his colleagues continued to pore over the judging details, looking at sheets of dozens of numbers representing things like base values and GOEs (that would be grades of execution, of course) and each anonymous judge’s scores. If Browning, a former Olympic figure skater who remains involved with the sport, couldn’t pinpoint why Sotnikova had just pulled off a major upset of the 2010 Olympic champion, how could fans and television viewers be expected to understand what happened?’ (Article can by found by clicking "here")
  8. Evgeni Plushenko (A retired RUSSIAN figure skater and Olympic gold medalist) very specifically congratulated Yuna Kim and Asada Mao. As if he knew exactly what was going on. (thanks to @tealrallythong for the info)image
  9. Ashley Wagner, an American figure skater who finished seventh: 
    People don’t want to watch a sport where you see people fall down and somehow score above someone who goes cleanTo be completely honest, this sport needs fans and needs people who want to watch it. People do not want to watch a sport where they see someone skate lights out and they can’t depend on that person to be the one who pulls through. People need to be held accountable… They need to get rid of the anonymous judging" (the article can be found by clicking "here")
  10. Ollie Williams (An Olympics Sports Reporter for BBC Reporting from Sochi): image
  11. "It’s sad that I just presumed Sotnikova was going to get a boost (in points) because this was in Russia," former U.S. Olympic figure skating coach Audrey Weisiger said in a phone interview. "Isn’t it sad that I automatically thought that? Not one person in skating I’ve talked to said that’s the way it should have gone."
  12. "I was surprised with the result," Joseph Inman, a top international judge who was on the women’s panel at the 2002 Olympics, said in a telephone interview.
  13. Katarina Witt (German Figure Skater) “Shame Gold Medal, Yuna Kim is a real queen” 
  14. Terra Findlay (Canadian ice dancer) “I’m speechless. Yuna Kim, you are a queen”
  15. Jamie Sale (World+ Olympic Gold Medalist) tweeted, “I would have had Yuna 1, Carolina 2 and Adelina 3”
  16. Owen Gibson (Guardian Chief Sports Correspondent) tweeted: “Russian Adelina Sotnikova beats Yuna Kim to gold in the figure skating. I’m no expert but I reckon we’re in for a judging controversy…”
  17. Michelle Kwan (A retired American figure skater and two-time Olympic medalist) didn’t make any Russia gold medal based tweets. Just saying. Yuna and Asada’s performances were Kwan approved. (thanks to @tealrallythong for the info)image
  18. Joannie Rochette (Canadian Olympic Figure Skater) tweeted: image
  • On a lighter note… Even Google knows what’s up… This is NOT photoshopped. Take a look at Yuna’s last name. imageYuna “Queen”
  • Side Info: Take a look at her charity contributions. The list is endless (link). Kim donated more than $1.7 million as of Oct 2009 and is continuing her effort in many ways. 
  • The whole world, even the Russians, agrees that Yuna Kim was robbed of her gold medal.
  • Sochi 2014 was Yuna Kim’s last performance as a professional figure skater.
  • Yuna Kim was flawless. This is a fact, not an opinion. She cleanly landed all her jumps.
  • A masterpost of Kim’s highlight programs can be found by clicking "here"

Adelina Sotnikova unfortunately won’t be remembered for her gold, but the girl who robbed Yuna Kim of her rightful place (or at least had an in/direct involvement). The Sochi judges certainly were biased, with an added pressure from the federation to uplift Russia after their ice hockey result… Watch out,  Russia. You are forgetting that the next winter Olympics (2018) is in Korea—not that anything unfair would happen to the Russian athletes… Let us all admire Yuna Kim for handling this situation with such grace and poise—like a true queen.

"Russia may have given a gold medal to Sotnikova but the rest of the world has given it to Yuna Kim."  —@ChocopieK on Twitter

Yuna may have won silver, but she will always be gold to the world. 
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"I am tired of hiding and I am tired of lying by omission. I suffered for years because I was scared to be out. My spirit suffered, my mental health suffered and my relationships suffered. And I’m standing here today, with all of you, on the other side of all that pain. I am young, yes, but what I have learned is that love, the beauty of it, the joy of it and yes, even the pain of it, is the most incredible gift to give and to receive as a human being. And we deserve to experience love fully, equally, without shame and without compromise." - Ellen Page